Why is it so and can it be better



What i did?

we watched a video about young inventers. We also did thinker keys and we could do Differnt use,what if,the bar,prediction,inventions.

What i found intresting?

When we where watching the young inventers i loved the one where it had the man with a car because it liked awesome and i loved the sky high and othere ones.


what i wonder?

When will that man’s car will be made and what year in the future?

Rorbet spagatie bridge

What we did was we made an bridge with spagethi and pva glue my group was. Zion,Tyla,Jack,Brendon,Estelle,Nausica,Oliva,Kelly and the world recored 466 weight on a spagithi bridge we added a lot of layers.

My wonderings

i wonder witch spaghite bring is the   Strongest.

Celie different phones


 I liked

the silde show

i enjoyed

reading the text

i am learning

about differnt phones

i wonder

did they have a lot of phones?

Bec tower buliding

what did i learn?

i learned that trangles are the strongest


how did i use,design,creativity and innovation?

because we bulided the tallest buliding?

how will this new knowledge help me in the futre?

if i disteade to be a bulider that’

John drawing

we had to draw an picture and John put up a video for us to draw i drawed a phone,lipstick,nail polish

I wonder

Why did John choose to find a lady/man draw a car?

paul we missed out on.

why are computers important

Now people use computers instead of tipe writers most of the newsparper

Charles bamag invented the first computer.

 Charles babmag He countined making computers.


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