Term 3 Inquiry

Term 3  Immersions



What we  did ?

Me and James we played the gold rush game and we got 39 pits and we enjoyed it.

We watched an video with are teacher and we saw the gold mine’s it was amazing.

What i learnt ?

we now know that gold could be anywhere in the world.

the video showed us what they used in the gold mine’s to use.

My wonderings?

When was the gold mine’s inviented ?


What we did ?

I looked and watched videos about British coming to Austraila to be safe because their was world war. John put up poster”s and more things.

What we lernt?

The British came to Australia to be safe for their families so they could keep safe and the videos showed that British came by ships to Australia .

My wonderings?

Why was theri war in England and the other country’s have war.


What we did?

boat people 1970,s.

what i learnt

pirates are still alive.

My  wonderings?

Whay did we make boat.


What we did?

We watched a video it was fine and are teacher tooled us what is a refugee

And Asylum seeker .

What we learnt?

We learnt what an asylum seeker is and refugee.

My wonderings?

Why do people kill?


What we did?

We watched 2 videos about the aborignal art and we had a blast.

what we learnt?

that they used water and clay for art.

My wonderings?

Why did the aborignal’s have dance off’s.



What we did?

We watched an video that they sang to the trip to austrila.

What we learnt ?

British came to austraila on the 26th on Janury that is why 26 of janury is australia day.

My wonderings ?

Why did the british come with no money

My aboiringinal question is what coulnd of vepons that the have and use,how do they make weapons.


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