Term 4 Inquiry Reflection

What I learned:

Me,Alana and Alyssa we are making a lava lamp but there is a candle inside of it and we learned a lot, about candles and some people are old school which mean’s that they like or love things from the olden, days and most people are new school where they love new things and that’s why we are making it 2 in 1 and it looks awesome.

What I want to know:

Why did people call candles candles because they could of done something different and why did they decide to lava lamps but they could have named it,Special lamp that is my opinion.

What I Know:

Candles were invented to keep people warm when it was cold and in the olden days they would use a candle or a firepit but candles would of been around since 1800s.





your gran fathers are your fathers your dads dad is your father .

your dads sister /brother is your father and mother if your mum has a sister/brother/mum/dad will be your dads and mums.

everone is relted.



How long should we exercise and what kind of exercise should we do to keep fit.?




One thought on “inqury

  1. Dear Kelly,

    You completed an excellent inquiry in Term 1. I look forward to the expo this term about exercise.

    Well done.
    From Fiona

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