Design and Technolggy Term 4



this week i have enjoyed

Doing my design’s for my candle.

looking at some pitures of candles


i have learnted

that there are a lot of difernt candles and differnt designs.

Challengs i haved faced


Week 6

this week i found out

that no one has made a lava lamp with a candle on top of the lava lamp

i learnt that

there are some many tips of candles and lava lamps .


am going to do more designs

my gols for next week

Ask if people like lava lamps and candles and ask if you would buy it if it was togheter.

read some books about lava lamps and cnadles aboout the history.


making a lot of candle videos by my self

next week i am going to .

i am going to make a lot more design’s

showing all of my designs.

survey people about my work that i have done so for.

Week 7

this week i have

reading the history.

i am going to

finish off my docement

my goals for next week

start to make it




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