Healthy body,mind and sprit

Healthy body,mind and sprit



what we did John read us a story and we where meadited and we fellt so realxed and fellt so calm.I was so happy. I wonder why meditatoion is so fun? I enjoyded it because we got to get happy and calm.



we did excauseing i got up to 20.8 for my pules we did marching and a lot of stregs and it was so great for the body I wonder who invented fitness? what i enjoyed was feeling my pules.


we did brain gym and a meomry gym  it was hard but i liked it i wonder if you do’nt get a lot of sleep what would happen to your brain? i enjoyed playing/doing the activets. 


we did  so many animals it was so hard i wonder why people do yoga i enjoyed doing the snake i loved it.


the bep test it is was hard but people where start to give up when where bep test was geting harder but why do people the bep test?


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  1. Dear Kelly,

    I would like to read about your inquiry this term for Healthy Body, Mind and Spirit. I look forward to your expo in week 10 where you get to share your research with others.

    From Fiona

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