genius hour

NEW PROJECT:GLOW JARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Term 4 Genius Hour Relfection

What i learned:

Have been around for a long time since the preastorctes where alive and they are in many cave’s and mining cave’s.


Glow Sticks-History

There is a special chemical in the glow jars it is could, Cyalume and it was invented by Frank Arthen and aother man his name is Laszio j.Bollyky

Procedure Text:

Glow Jars-Using Glow Sticks

Glow jars are awesome because they are in jars and the glow and you can use glitter.


Glow stick


Paint brush

Step 1

Go get some glow paint and a jar and a paint brush.

Step 2

Then paint it inside and then are done.


glow jars 1     How To Make Monster Salt Crystals Videos | TV How to’s and

crystals facts

Diamonds and rubies are forms of crystals.
   Snow flakes, which form in the clouds, are considered ice crystals.
   Crystals are used in quartz watches and serve as the mechanism that gives the watch accurate time.
   Salt crystals forms when water evaporates from a saltwater mixture.
   There are many shapes that can form in a crystal including rectangles, triangles, or squares.
   The shape of a crystal is determined by the elements it is made of and its chemical bonds.
   A person who studies crystals is called a crystallographer.
   Some living organisms have the ability to produce crystals.

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  1. Dear Kelly,

    You have completed excellent research about crystals. I like how you tried to also make some of your own. I hope you continue your great work and I really enjoy learning about crystals from you.

    From Fiona

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