you can teach people how to make fun loom byisted of taking from someone you ask someone to teach you.

reason 2

you can make nicklesse ring and braclets and you can choose any patern you like.

reason 3

awesome jewelry

you make and it is just fantisatic

bille b traits adventraeuse,funny,smart and werd. Adventreuas she loves adventures. funny she knows very funny jokes. smart she never get’s f in homework. Werd sometimes she thinks that people are monsters.

Why junk food is bad? 

why because it is just very bad  and it has no vitamies 

If you eat too much you will get decay and it is so bad  will have your teeth filled in. people really love lollies but they do’nt know how much sugar is in it. If  you eat sugar you will not sleep. it is bad because it could have 8.59 teaspones of sugar then you will be hyper . People parents will get mad once the kids get a holl so now you know.

reason why we should have a pool in school 

so we can have lessons and theywill be cheap because the parents have to pay school fissue and music if they do music lessons and the school can privide swimming

Litureal circle


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  1. Dear Kelly,

    You have written interesting persuasive pieces. You are able to support your argument with reasons. I hope you continue your great work.
    From Fiona

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