German Shepard info and fact

My learning goal is: I will try to make my introutiontion intsertig .

Monster high : picnic

on lovely afternoon Frankie called Jackson for a picnic. frankie “asked if you want to go for a picnic? 3.00 pm tomorrow ? He ” said yes”.

Okay bye       3 hours later so Jackson went to a shop and got his hair done,got some new cloths and shoes and he wanted a new par of glasses in yellow all of that was $56.76 then Frankie had a outfit planed and she can do her hair.

jackson left a message for Frankie it said

dear Frankie,

i hope you are ready because I am at your front door

from jackson

to frankie

then they went they had a problem they did not have anything to eat and drink and the food and drink shops are closed. But Jackson had something to eat and drink then they had a long chat and they about each other.

then they had the first kiss and spended the Easter together

The end


The ugly book cover

One school day Singing hippo said ‘where is the book writing bunny because i need him” and then 1 minute later there you are screamed Singing hippo


How To Draw A :Cube

You need :



Step 1

Get a pice of paper and draw a square then draw a nother squre on the paper on the bottom of the square.

Step 2

Then draw a line on the bootom and then draw a nother line on the bottom and then draw, two lines one on the right and one on the left.

Step 3

You drew a cube YAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!


Greddy Bear

At school Jay and his friends were in History class and it was boring.  We went to the shops with his friends Jay got 20 rainbow loom bands and it was $14.50 ,then Jay and his mates went to Mcdondalds and had lunch there.

On Tusday Ethan had a sleepover and Jay, was not invited but all of Ethan’s friends were there. Jay went to the park by himself and he had Ice-crem it was pearmint with ,choc chip and then Jay went home with his YUMMY ICE-CREAM. Then he saw ethan and asked him a questionJay said’Why did you not invite me to your sleepover’ Ethan said’maybe because you have been very greddy’.


Never be greddy in life.

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  1. Dear Kelly,

    Thanks for uploading your work on this page. I especially like how you have uploaded a video of yourself reading the story. Just remember to have your work conferenced by me before you upload your work.
    From Fiona

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