favorite food


– Ice-crem because when it is an hot day you can just eat some Ice-crem

Pizza because when you do not know what to eat for dinner or lunch choose pizza

                                                                                                                Noddles it is nice to eat some noddles.
                                                                                             cake is lovely to have on a birthday
                                                                                                       cup-cakes are yummy


My quiz

4+1=            90+20=

8+9=           100+50=

10+5=         200+200=

20+30=      400 +400=

40+40=       80+ 20=



Miss Rumphius

miss rumphius  showed care by :

-By helping kids in the libary.

– by helping kids from differnet countrys.

– by helping people.

– she trallved around the world and she helped them.